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Emergency Services

We know that a visit to the Emergency Department can be an upsetting and, at times, scary experience for you and your loved ones. But please know our Emergency Department staff is passionate about the work they do and they are committed to providing you with the highest quality care possible while you’re here with us.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns about your care, please ask to speak to the on-site Patient Satisfaction Representative at (505) 913-5539.

Navigating the Emergency Department Process

Arrival    |     Intake    |     Screening    |     Registration    |     Testing    |     Continuing Care    |     Admit or Discharge

While the needs of every patient seen in our Emergency Department are unique and addressed as applicable, most patients will go through these seven steps when they present to our Emergency Department.

Sign in at the Registration Desk and tell us why you are here. Please do not eat or drink anything until we tell you it is okay to do so. Also, notify us if you need to use the restroom, as we may need to collect a sample.

Intake (“Triage”)
We will check your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. We’ll also ask about the reason for your visit.

It is important to remember at this stage that we see patients according to how urgently they need care. If you’re found to have an immediate need, you will be taken to a room. Keep in mind patients who arrive after you may be seen before you, and we ask for your patience.

You are allowed one (1) adult visitor in the treatment area. If a minor is being seen, both parents and/or guardians will be allowed back unless other children are accompanying them. In that case, one (1) adult will need to stay with the other children or find someone to pick them up.

Medical Screening
A Physician or Physician Assistant (PA) will perform a physical exam to determinate your plan of care while a nurse completes your triage. Physician Assistants are trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive healthcare services, as delegated by a Physician. All PAs at CHRISTUS St. Vincent are nationally-certified.

You will be asked to provide insurance information and sign treatment consent forms. If you don’t have insurance, that’s okay. CHRISTUS St. Vincent provides care to all patients regardless of ability to pay, and someone will be available to discuss alternative financial arrangements for which you may qualify. Please provide accurate information, including your phone number, in case we need to reach you with results and so that we can check on you after discharge.

If your provider has ordered tests – such as lab work or imaging – you’ll be escorted by an Emergency Department Tech to complete those orders.

An Emergency Department Tech will be part of your care team and will be your main point of contact between you and your nurses and doctor.

A tech’s main role is to assist in any procedures like drawing blood. If you need assistance to the restroom or have any questions, please feel free to ask for a tech.

Continuing Care
You may be asked to wait for your test results. Please alert your nurse or a tech if you need anything.

After your medical screening exam has been completed, you may be discharged if your condition isn’t found to be an emergency. You’ll be referred to your primary care provider for follow- up.

However, if you do have an urgent condition, this phase of the process is where those conditions are treated and where medications are administered.

Admit or Discharge
At the conclusion of your visit to the Emergency Department, one of two things will happen: you’ll either be admitted to the hospital or discharged.

If you need further care, you’ll be admitted to our hospital. Our staff will talk to you about what to expect.

If your condition has been treated to the satisfaction of your physician or PA, you’ll be discharged. If you’re discharged, our staff will explain your discharge instructions so you can take care of yourself at home. Please don’t leave without your paperwork. You should also expect a follow-up call within the next few days so we can check on your condition.

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Emergency Services

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