CHRISTUS St. Vincent Integrative Pain Management Program


The CHRISTUS St. Vincent Integrative Pain Management Program uses using pain management or preventive medicine to enhance quality of life, we will guide you with excellent healthcare advice and treatment. Combining ancient healing methods with solid support of our medical staff, we blend the best of old world wisdom into the intelligence of modern medicine. Dedicated to working with your chosen medical providers, the staff of the CHRISTUS St. Vincent Integrative Pain Management Program will guide you back into wellness.


Program Philosophy

The Integrative Pain Management Program (IPMP) emphasizes the client’s engagement in the rehabilitation process to promote holistic healing. Our program provides evaluations, treatment plans, behavior modification and education services that facilitate an improved quality of life and the ability to manage pain conditions on a long-term basis. Patients complete an integrated evaluation, potentially including medical, psychological, functional/physical, and acupuncture/TCM assessments. The integrated team of providers then determines which program option best meets the patient’s individual needs. Each program consists of a core set of components and offers elective options to maximize treatment outcomes. The integrative team meets on a weekly basis to discuss the rehabilitative needs of each client and generates a progress report for the treating physician.


Communication between physicians and treatment professionals is essential for an effective rehabilitation process. Our highly skilled providers design injury-specific programs, tailored to the patient’s functional needs. Patients are treated in the most effective and efficient manner. The Integrative Pain Management Program reflects our commitment to quality, communication, and customer service.


Program Options

Classic: Patients enrolled in the Classic program model will receive outpatient pain management components. This program targets the psychological and medical aspects of pain. Clients with psychiatric treatment needs or those seeking to optimize pain-related medications are offered specialized assistance. This program is typically reserved for individuals with acute pain conditions. Offered components will vary by the needs of the individual patient.


Coordinated: Patients enrolled in the coordinated program model will receive services at one specified location. Service components will typically include cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, physical therapy, medical oversight, medication optimization, and acupuncture. For the typical patient this program will last six weeks. Each week the patient’s progress will be reviewed in an integrative team conference. Patients enrolled in this program may be transitioned to a Comprehensive program pending insurance approval.


Comprehensive: This program model resembles a traditional intensive pain management program. It is designed for patients who continue to experience chronic pain and functional limitations despite surgeries, interventional procedures, and the use of narcotic medication to manage pain symptoms. Patients will be enrolled for care a minimum of four hours per day and will meet in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists clinic from three to five days per week. Treatment components will be determined based on the needs of the patients served. Benefits of this particular program include intensive and repetitive treatment interactions with highly trained pain professionals.


Treatment Components

The following treatment components may be utilized in the pain management programs: